• Hot and sou soup
  • Tom yum kong, Asian mushrooms, prawns, lemongrass and coriander
  • Chicken soup with coconut milk and coriander
  • Chicken and Seafood Laksa
  • Chinese oriental pepper soup
  • Vietnamese Soup with Sechuan Pepper, Noodles and Oxtail Meat
  • Dim Sum with pork or scampi or crab
  • Crispy pork and crab fritters
  • Fried pork wonton
  • Har Gau, Shrimp Dim Sum
  • Pork or chicken spring rolls, salad, coriander, and mint
  • Steamed banana leaf fish served with coconut milk
  • Grilled fish cakes, salad, mint and coriander
  • Xiao Long Bao steamed
  • Wok stir-fried chicken wings
  • Jiaozi Pork, pork dim sum grilled below and steamed above
  • Jiaozi Pork and shrimp, grilled pork dim sum below and steamed above
  • Large prawns with grilled curry on a lemongrass stick
  • Chicken Satay marinated in grilled curry or cumin on a lemongrass stick
  • Thai Chicken Salad, lemon sauce, salad, soy, cucumber
  • Angus beef salad, lemon and spicy sauce, salad, soy, tomatoes, coriander, shallots, coriander, Thai basil
  • Rice Vermicelli Salad
  • Spring rolls: Marinated beef, marinated chicken, marinated prawns, lobster, shrimp, crab surimi, crab, vegetarian



  • Pad Thai with chicken and prawns
  • Singapore noodles (scampi)
  • Fried Noodles with Chicken, Red Curry and Coriander
  • Chow Mein Chicken Noodles


  • Vietnamese chicken and sweet potato curry
  • Thai red chicken curry
  • Thai green chicken curry
  • Burmese chicken curry
  • Chicken sautéed with lemongrass
  • Chicken Salt & Pepper with sauce of new onions and garlic
  • Chicken with Thai basil, peppers
  • Angus beef with coriander, peppers, lemon, corianderBeef with Thai basil, broccoli, bamboo, carrots, zucchini, snow peas
  • Panang beef with coconut milk and Thai basil
  • Fried chicken with spices, garlic sauce and peppers
  • Suao Rong Hai, thin slices of marinated and grilled beef fillet, spicy lemon sauce with coriander



  • Fish infused with coconut milk and coriander
  • Red or green fish curry (white fish, scampi, squid)
  • Black Tiger Salt & Pepper Prawns with New Onion and Garlic Sauce
  • Steamed whole sea bass with infused soy sauce
  • Continuous pink sea bream stuffed with a thin layer of Thai marinade, nam jaw sauce




  • Nigiris: salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp, scallops
  • Sashimis: Salmon, Tuna, Bream, St Jacques
  • Makis: Request the full list
  • Futomakis: Request the complete list
  • Uromakis: California, smoked salmon, Spider roll,
  • Uromakis: California, smoked salmon, Spider roll,
  • Temakis
  • Springroll
  • Fried & grilled

Served with Soy sauce, Wasabi, Ginger, Seaweed salad, Octopus salad